Slot machines have become famous everywhere and are nowadays the most sought after casino games. This is because the goal of the game is to make money easily and fun. However, things were not always like this.

When the casinos started to be better known and frequented, these machines were not much played, however, were being refined. One of the main factors that led to the improvement and spread of slot machines, especially in Asia, was the insertion of new drum models and other forms of play. In the asia casino online you can have the best deals.

To get to know this universe better, we present 10 typical British slot machines that allow many hours of fun and profit.

  1. Fruit Machine

The Fruit Machine, a classic machine of this kind of games, has a combination composed exclusively of fruit images. When it arrived in Asia, the English needed to attract new players and this instrument became an excellent option. Casinos have created an engaging design by mixing various colors to attract the attention of the players. This technique worked and today the Fruit Machines are considered one of the most famous machines of its kind.

How to play:

Typically, machines featuring the fruit theme use 3 cylinders that form a line of images. If the line has 3 equal images, the player is entitled to a prize. Minimum bet amount is variable.

  1. Multiplier Slot Machines

These models have as their main objective to increase or multiply the chances of achieving more gains, which led to a rapid worldwide expansion.

How to play:

If a symbol that multiplies the prize amount comes out, regardless of its combination, the player will have the prize amount doubled.

  1. Multi-Line Slot Machines

This type of machine allows you to add paylines, which increases the bet amount and the return of the prize amount. In most cases, traditional slot machines pay only if the centerline has equal symbols or a valuable symbol. For multi-line, there are dozens of different paylines.

How to play: You play the same way as a traditional slot machine, but with greater flexibility. There is no minimum and maximum amount of bets and the player may enter more than one coin, which further increases their chances of winning.

The Casino Online Games You Simply Need Now

  1. Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive slot machines are fast, easy and fun and that’s why they are a hit in England and everywhere. All bets that are placed on this type of machine are placed in a specific fund progressively, which will accumulate a mega jackpot.

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